Ground Power Units

High-quality, solid-state and engine-driven aircraft ground power units (GPUs), which are suitable for continuous power supply and engine start up with minimal servicing and running costs. This selection of ground power units features alternating current (A/C) and direct current (D/C) units for both fixed wing or rotary aircraft.

Ground power units supply aircraft with electricity while the generators or the auxiliary power unit (APU) are not running. Within our range of ground power units, we have available start power units, start and continuous power units, airport rectifiers, airport frequency converters, continuous power units and diesel generators.
Start power units are a portable and efficient solution to start aircraft, from the smallest private jet, including Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet to the largest business jets, such as the Boeing 747-400. These start power units come available in various power capacities and voltages, including 12V, 24V and 28V.
Continuous power units provide lightweight and portable aircraft power, ideal for aircraft servicing, crew training, pre-flight maintenance, and more. This range of continuous power units provide from 25 amps up to 300 amps and are set between two voltages: 14V and 28V (can be set at different voltages if required).
Start and continuous power units are a combination between mains powered continuous power units and battery powered start units. These power units are easily hand-carried and feature a high-capacity, heavy-duty engine start.
Frequency converters convert the mains power to 400 Hz. This type of converter is necessary because many aircraft require 400 Hz for daily operations, however, most airports operate on either 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Airport rectifiers are designed to supply airplanes and helicopters with 28V DC voltage during pre-flight maintenance at the airport, as well as a power unit for test benches, hangars and aircraft manufacturing plants. These units can be power supplied by diesel generators. Please contact us if the product you require is not listed.