Hydraulic Power Units

Designed for civilian, commercial and military use, our hydraulic power units offer a fast, simple and efficient hydraulic power supply to service any hydraulic system.

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We have available 20-gallon hydraulic power units and 60-gallon hydraulic power units. These units feature an easily drainable fluid reservoir and a user-friendly, software-driven operator interface, which allows for quick access to aircraft presets, settings, calibration schedules and more.

To run flaps, swing the gear or to perform any other hydraulic functions, we supply EO-20/20 hydraulic mini-mule pumps and EO-30/30 hydraulic mini-mule pumps. These air-powered compact pumps connect to the aircraft’s quick disconnect couplings and runs in-line, and can be easily used around the hangar or on the field.

In addition to our hydraulic power units, we also have available other power units which you might require for aircraft servicing. This includes aviation diesel generators, start power units, continuous power units, start and continuous power units, aircraft frequency converters and airport rectifiers.