Fuel Carts

Ideal for supplying fuel to a variety of aircraft, our fuel carts come complete with a fuel meter, containment tank, fire extinguisher, rotary hand pump and static grounding reel.

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The Par-Kan FSC 300 fuel service cart is mounted on a four-wheel containment trailer and has a maximum capacity of 1,363.83 litres (300 gallons).

Similar to the Par Kan FSC 300, the Par-Kan FSC 300 x2 fuel service cart is also mounted on a four-wheel containment trailer. However, this service cart has a larger fuel capacity as it comes equipped with two fuel tanks of 300 gallons each, meaning it is able to hold 2,727.65 litres of fuel.

The Par-Kan FSC 550 fuel service cart is the fuel cart that has the most capacity within our selection, featuring a total fuel capacity of 2,500.35 litres (550 gallons).