De-icing & Anti-icing Equipment

To remove and prevent ice and snow build-up on an aircraft, our de-icing and anti-icing equipment is essential. Our range is inclusive of de-icing trucks designed to heat and pressure spray Type I and Type IV of de-icing and anti-icing fluids on the aircraft.

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For commuter and narrow-body aircraft, we have available the GSS GS-320 Type I Aircraft Deicer, whilst for larger aircraft, we supply the GSS GS-700 Type I and Type IV Aircraft Deice Truck.

The GS-320 truck has a working height of 11′ 6″ and is capable of servicing aircraft with up to 300 gallons of fluid and the GS-700 truck features a 32-foot working height and a fluid tank capacity of 600 US gallons de-icing fluid and 200 US gallons anti-icing fluid. This type of equipment is vital for a safe take-off during snowy weather conditions.