Forklift Trucks

Multi-functional and highly manoeuvrable forklift trucks designed to transport and tow cargo and baggage at the hangar, warehouse and airport. We have available lightweight and compact units as well as larger and more powerful vehicles.

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If you require forklift trucks for narrow spaces, we would recommend our LTX 20 and LTX-T 04 platform trucks, LTX 50 and LTX-T 06 platform trucks or LTX 70 and LTX-T 08 baggage tractors. These are powerful and low maintenance forklift trucks which feature a high handling capacity and its compact design makes them perfect for manoeuvring through tight spaces.

In case you require an airport platform truck to pull and transport large loads, our R 07 electric platform trucks and R 08 electric platform trucks are the ideal choice. These are robust tractors which are suitable for a variety of applications. The R 07 tractor is able to tow loads of up to 25 tonnes whilst the R 08 is capable of towing loads of up to 2 tonnes.