N2 & O2 Generation

Simple, safe and easy to use nitrogen and oxygen generation systems.

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In terms of oxygen systems, we have available oxygen delivery systems for civilian and mobile field hospitals, patient oxygen distribution systems, surgical suite oxygen distribution systems, expeditionary deployable oxygen concentration systems and deployable oxygen concentration systems which feature either a discharge flow rate of 66 lpm (DOCS 66) or 500 lpm (DOCS 500).

These oxygen systems are used to provide the distribution of oxygen at a regulated pressure and flow to military services, emergency responders and other situations where a compact oxygen generator is required.

To supply nitrogen, we have available self-generating nitrogen servicing carts and electric self-generating nitrogen servicing stations. The first unit is specially designed to support the F-16 Fighting Falcon and is suitable for military use in all locations under any weather conditions, whilst the latter is ideal for aircraft hangars or wheel and tyre shops.