Ground Handling Wheels

Mechanical and hydraulic ground handling wheels are designed to lift a helicopter off the ground in order to enhance manoeuvrability on the ramp or in the hangar. These offer operators a safe and stable way to move helicopters with skids on the ground.

Our ground handling wheels provide a solution for daily routine tasks, helicopter maintenance and for emergency situations. We have available mechanical ground handling wheels and hydraulic ground handling wheels to meet any of your helicopter manoeuvring requirements.

By applying manual force to the handlebar, our mechanical ground handling wheels will lift the helicopter off the ground and when your ideal height is reached, these can be easily locked with an engagement pin.

Hydraulic ground handling wheels feature a hydraulic pump which aids the action of lifting the helicopter off the ground. Its hydraulic system also helps to support the weight of the aircraft, keeping it balanced for easy manoeuvring.

Most of our mechanical and hydraulic helicopter ground handling wheels feature a dual wheel design which provides equal pressure on both sides of the skid tubes. This will reduce twisting and any strain and stress that is associated with single wheel designs. However, there are aircraft which require single wheel systems, including the Jet Ranger model helicopters. For these, we have available Bell 206A mechanical ground handling wheels with pop-out floats.