Our selection of aviation headsets allows flight intercom to connect with ground control wirelessly, providing freedom of movement to the user during inspections, wing walks and engineering tasks without being restricted by communication cords.

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Within this selection of products, we have available Minerva Air headsets. These are highly versatile headsets which allow for single or two-man push back operations. The headset can be comfortably worn by the aircraft tug driver in single-man operations or by the Marshal in two-man operations.

In a two-man operation, the Marshal and the driver will continue to communicate via hand signals, while the flight deck communicates via PTT (push to talk).

This headset has a multiple user option, which is ideal for training situations. Additionally, a splitter cable can be used by both the instructor and the student to monitor the conversation, allowing the instructor to break in if necessary. Plus, due to the 150-meter wireless range of the headset, the instructor can observe the student from a distance.

In addition to our range of headset, we also have available a wide range of aviation equipment for professionals, including hand protection and protective footwear. This type of equipment will not only keep staff safe at the workplace but will also improve their work efficiency.