Runway Safety Equipment

Functional, visible and user-friendly runway safety equipment for increased security and operational efficiency on the ramp, including commercial wheel chocks, orange cones, airport markers and airfield barriers, perfect for airport operations, traffic control, warning of hazards and marking of designated routes.

Our safety cones can be used as caution indicators for operators to maintain a safe distance from specific parts of the aircraft. Wheel chocks are also used for security, plus for setting the brakes of an aircraft, preventing accidental movement.

Marshalling wands and airfield delineators are an ideal solution for traffic control and other airport operations at military and commercial airfields. Marshalling wands can additionally be used for emergency signalling. Both these types of signalling equipment are suitable for daytime and night time operations.

For ramp personnel and aviation professionals, we supply a wide range of ergonomic personal protective equipment (PPE) and airport reflective equipment. This equipment can be used while undertaking both indoors and outdoors tasks on the ramp or in the hangar.

While operators are re-fuelling aircraft, our aircraft fuelling protection mats are an excellent solution for protecting the wing, acting as a shield. In case of spillage of any type of fluids, our spill control kits are an excellent solution. Our smaller kits are able to absorb up to 17 gallons of fluid, while our larger spill control kits can absorb up to 300 gallons of fluid.