Diesel Generators

Our aviation diesel generators are suitable for a variety of aircraft servicing operations, including start and continuous power at remote locations and continuous power for maintenance training. All of our generators can be easily towed and some of them can also be easily pushed by hand into the service position.

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The FCA-90D diesel ground power unit is also able to supply aircraft with 400 Hz frequency, 3 x 115/200 VAC voltage, as well as an output power up to 90 kVA. This unit can be manufactured and adjusted to meet the customer’s requirements.

We have available two Red Box ground power units, the HybRED-170-4 and the HybRED-170-6. These two units are hybrid, combining a petrol engine with batteries and are capable to start combat and military vehicles. Both units feature a fast recharge and maintenance free cells.

Finally, we supply JetGo ground power units, including the JetGo 900. The JetGo units offer ease of operation, high manoeuvrability and low maintenance. These come equipped with an industrial-grade Kubota diesel engine and with voltage compensation for overvoltage protection.