Start Power Units

Designed to be maintenance free, leak-proof, lightweight and durable, our start power units are the ideal solution to start aircraft in emergencies or multiple times a day. These provide high charge retention, fast recharge and are weather protected.

We have a wide range of voltages and power capacities available, including 12V start power units, 24V start power units, 28V start power units and lithium start power units. These models can also be used to jump start aircraft from small jets, such as Cessna Citation jets, to large business aircraft, such as Dassault Falcon 7x.

These are available as both large trolley carts and lightweight portable units. Amongst our trolley cart range, we have available RBTC 400A-28 start power units and RB50A twin 24V start power units, whilst our lightweight unit range is inclusive of RB25A 12V start power units and RBL4000 lithium start power units.

In case you require continuous power, we also have available start and continuous power units, continuous power units, among other ground power units for sale. Please discuss your requirements with us, so we can recommend the correct unit for your needs.