Aircraft Towbars & Heads

Durable and interchangeable aircraft towbars and towbar heads. Our range provides the security of a positive lock system with built-in nose gear protection. We supply commercial aircraft towbars, general aviation towbars, helicopter towbars and military aircraft towbars, which are ideal to fit various aircraft, including Boeing 737, McDonnell Douglas MD-80, Sikorsky helicopters, Lockheed C-130 Hercules and Bombardier Dash 8.

To easily control inventory and organise aircraft towbar heads, our selection of towbar head storage is ideal. We have available towable and portable towbar trolleys and storage racks that are perfect to neatly store commercial, regional and helicopter towbars. Please contact us if the product you require is not listed.

Both airplane towbars and helicopter towbars are equipped with shear bolts. These are designed to break in the event of excess loads or abnormal loads, in order to prevent serious damage to the towbar and nose landing gear of the aircraft.

Ball lock pins or aircraft quick release pins are also in sure supply. These types of pins allow for quick and secure fastening of ground support equipment parts and aircraft components.

Additionally, we have available other types of aircraft pins, such as bypass pins. Bypass pins are used to bypass the hydraulic steering system on an aircraft, in order to give full control to an aircraft tug tractor for easy towing.