Tooling Solutions

Our range of airport tooling solutions is perfect for daily aircraft maintenance and other aircraft servicing operations. We supply Red Box Tool Kits which are high-quality, long-lasting and specially designed for aviation specialists. All tool kits come complete with BAHCO tools.

Amongst our range of tool kits, we have available avionics tool kits, helicopter tool kits, step case tool kits, trolley case tool kits, workshop cabinet tool kits and sheet metal tool kits. The helicopter tool kits, trolley case tool kits and sheet metal tool kits come in heavy-duty synthetic resin cases, which are impact resistant, waterproof and fitted with two coloured inlays in order to easily recognise lost tools.
Additionally, we supply Mitutoyo measurement devices, including Mitutoyo micrometres, digital callipers and height gauges, which are ideal to accurately measure equipment components. Please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs if the product you require is not listed.