Belt Loaders

Aircraft belt loaders are vehicles with a mechanical conveyor belt that aid the process of unloading and loading luggage and cargo onto the airplane. This ground support equipment is positioned at the door sill of the aircraft baggage compartment and feature a selection of safety features, such as emergency shut-off switches and safety rails.

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Our Pulley 46Ce belt loader is designed with a small and telescopic belt, which are able to service various aircraft including British Aerospace 146 and Tupolev Tu-204. It features a maximum reaching front height of the conveyor belt of 3 meters and a 50kg/m maximum baggage load on the belt.
The Pulley 75Ce is also available in stock. This front wheel drive belt loader features a maximum load of 135kg/m on the belt and can reach speeds of 25 km/h. Suitable for winter operation, this cargo loader is equipped with heater and air conditioning, being easily operated while wearing thick winter gloves. Both of our aircraft belt loaders offer the possibility to be fitted with different length booms.