Airport Rectifiers

Airport rectifiers are designed to power on-board electrical equipment on aircraft during pre-flight maintenance at the airport, as well as starting engines in a 24/48 V system. Plus, these can also be used as power units at hangars, aircraft manufacturing plants and test benches.

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We supply various Estel airport rectifiers, including AR-2 airport rectifiers, which feature two different operation modes: 2 x 28.5 V and 24/48 V; AR-600A airport rectifiers, which provide 28 V or 28.5 V to all types of aircraft and AR-800A airport rectifiers. The latter rectifiers are designed to supply 800 amps of continuous output and 2000 amps for a soft engine start, plus can be power supplied by any type of 400Hz 200V converter.

Other ground power supply units are also available, such as portable start power units which can power a wide range of aircraft, continuous power units which can power aircraft for aircraft servicing, and crew training, and the combination of the two: start and continuous ground power units.