COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our COVID-19 personal protective equipment range features the necessary equipment to protect staff and prevent infection transmissions in the workplace, when combined with effective hand hygiene. This type of equipment is highly important to meet health and safety obligations as well as to increase infection control.

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Within our coronavirus PPE range, we have available disposable gloves, shoe covers, disposable aprons, chemical resistant gloves and disposable face masks.

Disposable gloves are designed to protect the wearer from directly handling contaminated areas and contagious materials, whilst chemical-resistant gloves are used to protect the wearer against hazardous chemicals in the work environment.

Face protection is also essential against airborne bacteria, dust particles and virus particles. For this, we supply disposable face masks which feature a 3-ply construction (PP Non-Woven + High Filtration Paper + PP Non-Woven).

Shoe covers are disposable covers for shoes which are used to prevent contamination of disinfected areas.

To protect the body and clothing from workplace hazards, we supply disposable plastic aprons, which are waterproof and oil-resistant.

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