Maintenance Equipment

Maintenance equipment is essential to ensure the continuing airworthiness of aircraft, thus being crucial equipment in any airport, airfield and landing facility. Our maintenance equipment range is inclusive of all the equipment necessary to perform maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft, such as wheel equipment, maintenance stands and tooling.

Our wheel equipment is designed for tyre and brake change operations, as well as to move disabled aircraft from the runway or taxiway. This range includes tyre service trailers, tyre and brake dollies and Iron Tire aircraft flat tyre dollies.

To perform daily maintenance and inspection duties at height, we have available aircraft maintenance stands. These include work platform ladders, airplane steps ladders, aircraft engine stands, B-series maintenance stands, fuelling stands, over wing maintenance stands and more.

In terms of aircraft maintenance tools, we supply avionics tool kits, step case tool kits, trolley case tool kits, helicopter tool kits, workshop cabinet tool kits, sheet metal tool kits and Mitutoyo measurement devices.