PCA Systems

Pre-conditioned air systems are used to bring air externally into a parked aircraft, reducing energy costs. Our selection of PCA systems features easy to use, cost effective and durable pre-conditioned air consumables, from a variety of highly functional adaptors and connectors to a range of PCA hoses.

Among our collection of PCA products, we recommend the durable and lightweight JB360 swivel aircraft adapter. This adapter is resistant to chemicals, fuels and solvents, and it comes complete with all the necessary equipment to operate with the JB729 aircraft connector.

To complete a pre-conditioned air system, the operator will require flexible hoses, which provide uninterrupted air flow. The flat duct with scuff PCA hose is ideal for the task, and it is manufactured without wire reinforcement, allowing it to be flattened and rolled for compact storage. Additionally, 90 degree elbow PCA hose and the tapered PCA adapter are also great options to complete a PCA system.