Fluid Spill Control

Our fluid spill control products are ideal for everyday airport liquid spills and leaks. We supply spill pallets, spill kits and spill mats, which are perfect to absorb a variety of liquids, including oil spills, fuel spills, chemical spills and general-purpose spillages.

For emergency spills, our emergency spill kits are the perfect solution. These kits are suitable to contain and clean up spills at workshops, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
Our spill mats are available as mobile standalone units or as wall mounted stations, providing high flexibility and accessibility. These units are easily relocated in the workplace to meet demand and enable absorbent products to be dispensed easily and quickly.
Additionally, we supply non-corroding UV polyethene drum spill pallets, which are resistant to a number of chemicals and oils and comply with the UK oil storage regulations. Featuring both low profile drip and leak protection, these units are the perfect solution for any MRO facility which handles large quantities of chemicals and oils.
Finally, we have available a wide range fluid spill kits that can absorb small fluid spillages, such as the 20 gallon fluid spill kit, as well as absorb medium fluid spillages, such as the 50 gallon mobile fluid spill kit and absorb large fluid spillages, such as the 300 gallon towable fluid spill cart.