Start & Continuous GPUs

This range of start and continuous ground power units provides 200 amps continuously and feature either 4 or 6 battery cells. These high capacity units are ideal for starting aircraft, helicopters and combat vehicles even at remote locations, plus these can also provide power for maintenance training and weapons testing.

We have available Red Box ground power units, including TC 3000A-200-4 start and continuous units and TC 3000A-200-6 start and continuous units. When plugged into the mains these units will supply 200 amps continuously, whilst unplugged they will give up to 700 peak amps (depending on the model).

We also supply other start and continuous power units which provide different capacities, such as 50 amps start and continuous units, 100 amps start and continuous units, 150 amps start and continuous units, 225 amps start and continuous units, and finally HybRED hybrid start and continuous units.

Other aircraft ground power units are also in sure supply, including start power units, continuous power units, frequency converters, airport rectifiers and airport diesel generators. Please contact us if the product you require is not listed.