Lavatory & Water Carts

Durable, cost-effective and easy to maintain lavatory and water service carts for aircraft servicing. Within this range of airport service carts, we have available lavatory service carts, waste water service carts, aircraft cleaning service carts, water service carts, as well as individual parts and equipment for lavatory service carts.

Lavatory service carts are ideal to remove aircraft sanitary waste and to refill sanitiser fluid. With specialised couplers and hoses, these carts connect directly to the aircraft for easy aircraft servicing. The LC60 lavatory service carts are perfect for small applications, whilst LC270-RJ3G gasoline lavatory service carts are ideal for large aircraft servicing.

To hold waste water, we have available waste water service carts, including the WWC500 waste water service cart and the WWT100 waste water cart. Both these service carts are equipped with rotationally moulded plastic tanks, which are durable, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, lightweight and UV-resistant.

Our aircraft cleaning service carts, such as the RJ2Q cleaning service cart, are able to power a variety of cleaning appliances, including vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooers and electric heaters. Our units come complete with some cleaning supplies.

Finally, we supply various aircraft water service carts, including the WC30 water service cart and the WC270-RJ3E electric water service cart.