Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a mandatory type of equipment that employees have to use or wear to protect them from the risks in their work environment. There are various hazards at an airport, so this type of equipment is highly important. Airport maintenance crew and ramp personnel should be equipped with hearing protection, hand protection and foot protection.

Our range of personal protective equipment includes a wide choice of Jalas footwear, including Jalas 1615 E-Sport, Jalas 6428 Prima and Jalas 6498 Nature. These safety boots are comfortable and prevent the risk of tow injuries, nail penetration and electric shock.

We also have available a large selection of Tegera safety gloves, including Tegera 292, disposable Tegera gloves, Tegera 8803 Infinity and Tegera 8812 Infinity. Our Tegera work gloves are ideal to be used in the hangar, ramp and workshop. Most of our gloves prevent the risk of scratches, blisters, abrasion injuries and more.

Reflective equipment is also essential as airport personnel are often near moving vehicles. For this, we supply reflective belts, heavy-duty reflective belts, and reflective arm bands. This reflective equipment is adjustable and comes available in a variety of fluorescent colours.