Reflective Equipment

Reflective equipment is essential for airport personnel in order for them to be easily visible in all weather conditions, as they work near moving vehicles at all times. This type of equipment, such as reflective arm bands and reflective belts, is often required as a type of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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We supply standard reflective belts and heavy-duty reflective belts. These are made from a reflective stretchy material in order to be efficient and comfortable. Our reflective belts come in a variety of colours, including fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange, fluorescent lime, red, blue, gold, white and with a checker pattern.

Our reflective arm bands also come available in the same variety of colours, excluding the checker pattern. This type of reflective equipment is adjustable from 22.86 cm to 30.48 cm and it has a stretchy Velcro fastener.

Additionally, we supply other types of personal protective equipment ideal for aviation professionals, including Tegera gloves which prevent the risk of scratches, cuts, blisters and can withstand contact to heat up to 100°C; as well as Jalas footwear, which is both comfortable and safe, preventing the risk of toe injuries, nail penetration and lower stress on the joints.