Face Protection

Protect your face from airborne bacteria, airborne dust particles and virus particles with our range of face protection equipment, including disposable face masks for sale, which catch these particles thus, preventing them from entering the wearer’s mouth and nose.

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Our disposable masks are available in bundles of 6 boxes of 50 masks. These feature a 3 ply construction of PP non-woven fabric, high filtration paper plus PP non-woven fabric. These are ideal for various applications and are highly flexible, being perfect for any face shape/size.

Besides our face protection equipment, we supply a comprehensive range of other personal protective equipment. This includes body protection, such as disposable aprons, as well as hand protection, including disposable gloves, leather gloves, heat-resistant gloves and more.

In addition to this, we also have available foot protection. This range is inclusive of disposable shoe covers plus, a variety of protective work shoes, including work clogs, waterproof shoes, steel toe cap shoes and more.