Personal Hygiene

Our personal hygiene range is designed to maintain good personal hygiene in the workplace, thus guaranteeing a safe and hygienic workplace environment for employees, employers and visitors.

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Amongst this range, we have available anti-bacterial personal wipes, anti-bacterial surface wipes and hand sanitisers. Also known as hand sanitising gels, these products offer a portable and quick way to reduce bacterial counts on hands. Our hand sanitisers are available as boxes of 60 of 30ml bottles. These feature antibacterial alcohol-based hand gel with moisturised that can kill 99.9% of bacteria.

In addition to our personal hygiene range, we also have available a comprehensive collection of personal protective equipment to protect the wearer from the risks in their work environment, including body protection equipment, face protection equipment, hand protection equipment and foot protection equipment.

Disposable aprons are available within our body protection range. These are waterproof, oil resistant and lightweight aprons suitable for a variety of applications.

To protect you and your employees from airborne dust particles, bacteria and virus particles, we have available a wide range of face protective equipment, such as respirator masks, face shields, face masks, medical safety goggles and more.

For hand and foot protection, we supply a large selection of work gloves, including disposable gloves and cut-resistant gloves, as well as work shoes, including steel toe cap shoes and waterproof shoes.