Hand Protection

Hand protection is highly important for aviation professionals in order to improve safety and effectiveness in the workplace. Amongst this range, we have available a large selection of Tegera gloves which are perfect for a variety of environments, including chemical protection gloves and winter insulated gloves.

Our wide range of gloves can be used in the hangar, ramp and workshop, and depending on the risk of each work environment, we can provide you with the best possible solution for your requirements. For instance, we have available Tegera 484 heat resistant gloves which withstand contact heat up to 250°c, Tegera 18603 chemical resistant gloves which prevent the risk of corrosive injuries and Tegera 217 winter gloves which prevent the risk of lacerations, scratches, grazes and abrasion injuries.

Safety footwear is also essential. This range includes a variety of Jalas footwear, including the Jalas 1615 E-Sport, Jalas 6428 Prima and Jalas 6498 Nature. These are highly ergonomic work shoes which feature an excellent grip, being ideal to be used on the ramp and in the hangar.

In addition to this, high visibility equipment, such as reflective armbands and reflective belts, is vital to airport personnel to ensure they are clearly visible at all times. All of our PPE products are CE marked and comply with the guidelines set by the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002.