Frequency Converters

Aircraft frequency converters are designed to supply aircraft with 400Hz frequency which is necessary for pre-flight maintenance while the aircraft is on the ground, among other daily servicing tasks. Frequency converters are also used as power units at aircraft manufacturing plants, hangars and test benches.

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We supply stationary frequency converters, hanging frequency converters, mobile frequency converters, as well as aircraft combined power units, which consist of both a frequency converter of 400Hz and a 28V rectifier. Amongst our selection of stationary frequency converters, we have available the FCA-90S frequency converter and the FCA-180 frequency converter.
The FCA-90H and the FCA-90HC frequency converters are both hanging units which are intended to be used as part of aerobridge. Our mobile frequency converter, the FCA-90M offers high flexibility due to its portable feature.
In addition to our frequency converters, we also supply a variety of other aircraft ground power units, including start power units, airport rectifiers, continuous power units, diesel generators and start and continuous power units. Please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs if the product you require is not listed.