Parts & Spares Service Carts

To fully equip aircraft lavatory service carts and aircraft water service carts, we have available a wide range of service cart parts, including couplers, flow meters, dump hoses and fill hoses. Additionally, we also have available spares kits for water carts and potable water cart fill kits.

Within our couplers range, we supply fill couplers for water carts, lavatory coupler plugs, inlet nipple caps for water carts, lavatory coupler stow flanges, straight waste couplings and more. In addition to these, we also have available breakaway couplers for both service carts which are used to reduce spillage incidents and prevent damage caused by driving away or pulling accidents.

To display the current flow amount or the cumulative flow amount on the aircraft service carts mentioned above, we have available digital flow meters. Plus, we also supply direct-read liquid fill gauges which are used to measure service carts’ liquid level.

Finally, we have available service carts hoses, such as fill hoses and dump hoses, which are used to fill the aircraft with water or treatment fluid and to collect the aircraft’s sanitary waste, respectively.