Dump and Fill Hoses

This selection of aircraft lavatory cart hoses and aircraft water cart hoses has all the necessary hoses to both fill the aircraft with either water or treatment fluid, as well as to collect sanitary sewage.

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Amongst our lavatory cart service hoses, we have available different sized hoses to meet any and all requirements, including 4 inch per 15 feet blue lavatory hose, 4 inch per 6.25 feet blue lavatory hose and 4 inch per 10 feet black rubber lavatory hose. Additionally, we supply lavatory hose extensions with couplers, ready for servicing the aircraft, plus nylon hoses for lavatory cart fill fluid.

For water service carts, we have available potable water cart fill kits, which come complete with 10 feet hoses and fittings for both the cart and wall. In addition to our range of hoses, we also supply couplers for lavatory service carts and flow meters for water service carts.