This range of lavatory and water service cart equipment includes a wide variety of couplers designed for both service carts, including fill couplers, coupler plugs, nipple caps, stow flanges and more.

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Our fill couplers are designed to connect the fill hose to the aircraft and replenish either the sanitary fluid or water. We have available fill couplers for water carts, long grip fill couplers for water carts, fill couplers for lavatory carts and long grip lavatory fill couplers.

To prevent damage to the aircraft lavatory or water service panel and other equipment, we supply breakaway couplers for lavatory carts and breakaway couplers for water carts. These feature an internal shear ring which will break in case the hose is abruptly separated from the rest of the equipment without being properly disconnected.

In addition to our couplers’ range, we also have available flow meters and service cart hoses. Our flow meters, such as the digital flow meter, are used to display the current or cumulative flow amount on the aircraft service carts.

Amongst our service cart hoses selection, we supply fill hoses which are used to fill the aircraft with lavatory treatment fluid or water and dump hoses, which are used to collect the aircraft’s sanitary waste.