Lavatory Service Carts

Aircraft lavatory service carts are designed to remove sanitary waste from aircraft lavatories as well as replenish sanitiser fluid. These carts have specialised couplers and hoses to connect to the aircraft for aircraft servicing and most carts are equipped with rotomoulded polyethylene tanks which are corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, impact resistant and UV stabilised for continuing outdoor usage.

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For small applications, we have available LC60 lavatory service carts and LC60-RJ1E electric lavatory service carts, which are able to remove up to 132.5 litres (35 gallons) of waste from the aircraft and to replenish up to 106 litres (28 gallons) of sanitiser fluid. To empty 257.4 litres (68 gallons) of waste and refill 164 litres (36 gallons) of sanitary blue or clear fluid, the LC100 lavatory service carts, LC100E electric lavatory service carts and LC100G gasoline lavatory service carts are ideal.

For large aircraft servicing, we supply 180-gallon service carts, such as the LC180-RJ2E electric lavatory service cart, as well as 270-gallon service carts, including the LC270-RJ3G gasoline lavatory service cart.

Additionally, we have available service carts with a Safe-Lav system, which is a system designed to eliminate unintended overfilling of the lavatory system by regulating and controlling the quantity of fluid that can be transferred. The units that feature this system include LC100E-SL lavatory service cart and LC180-RJ2E-SL lavatory service cart.