Boosters & Regulators

Our oxygen and nitrogen boosters and regulators are essential to service aircraft oxygen and nitrogen systems, respectively. These are commonly used to perform daily maintenance tasks, including servicing aircraft tyres, struts or accumulators.

Oxygen boosters and nitrogen boosters are ideal to both boost gas pressure and to use most of the unused gas supplied by gas bottles. For this, we supply the NB-45 nitrogen gas booster pump and the OB-30 oxygen booster pump.

To service both low-pressure systems and high-pressure nitrogen systems, we have available nitrogen regulator system assemblies, such as nitrogen high pressure regulator systems, nitrogen low pressure systems and both low and high pressure regulator systems. These come in 1 bottle, 2 bottle, 3 bottle, and 4 bottle configurations.

To service aircraft oxygen systems, we supply oxygen regulator system assemblies, which are available as a 1 bottle oxygen regulator system, 2 bottle oxygen regulator system, 3 bottle oxygen regulator system and 4 bottle oxygen regulator system.

The equipment above can be used with our nitrogen service carts and our oxygen service carts. We also have available dual nitrogen and oxygen service carts plus, aviation service carts without gas bottles, boosters and regulators.