Oxygen Service Carts

We have available a wide range of oxygen service carts for sale with various oxygen bottle configurations. These are the ideal solution to your oxygen service needs.

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Within our range, we supply 2 bottle oxygen service carts which are hand movable, narrow and feature a high pressure regulator system. Their tilting platform allows for one person to easily load and unload bottles in the upright position. In addition to our hand movable carts, we have available 2 bottle tilt and tow oxygen service carts which can be easily towed and allow bottles to lock in multiple positions depending on application.

With a 3 bottle configuration, we supply 3 bottle oxygen service carts. These are easy to use and feature 5th wheel steering, which provides utmost in-hangar manoeuvrability by hand and easy towing across the ramp or airfield.

Additionally, we stock 4 bottle tilting oxygen service carts designed for hangar use only. These can be both moved by hand or towed by a towing vehicle, and come complete with everything needed to provide oxygen servicing to aircraft systems (excluding gas bottles).