Oxygen and nitrogen boosters are used to get the most out of gas bottles as these only supply enough gas until the system equalises. This means that there might be up to 1000 psi of unused gas in the bottles which can only be used with a booster.

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Within this range, we supply the NB-45 nitrogen gas booster pump and the OB-30 oxygen booster pump. These units are designed with versatility in mind as they can be mounted on a wall, bench or on a bottle cart for easy portability.

The NB-45 booster is capable of pumping nitrogen bottles down to 200 psi, whilst the OB-30 booster has the capacity of pumping oxygen bottles down to 250 psi. Both units come equipped with booster mounting fitting kits which are used to safely and efficiently install the boosters’ inlet filter assemblies and outlet connections.

In addition to this, we have available nitrogen regulators and oxygen regulators which are designed to service aircraft nitrogen and oxygen systems, respectively.

We also supply nitrogen and oxygen gauges such as pressure gauges, air regulator gauges, pressure gauge assemblies and inflators. These can be used for aircraft tyre servicing, aircraft cabin pressurisation and more.