Nitrogen & Oxygen Gauges

Our nitrogen and oxygen gauges offer excellent readability and accuracy. We have available a variety of both analogue and digital pressure gauges, air regulator gauges, pressure gauge assemblies and inflators. Pressure regulator gauges are found in the aircraft cabin pressurisation, portable water systems, oxygen and nitrogen boosters, engine oil units and aircraft tyre servicing.

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These gauges feature different maximum pressure capacities, for instance, the air regulator analogue gauge is capable of measuring up to 160 psi, whilst the oxygen/nitrogen regulator gauge is able to measure up to 4,000 psi.

Our digital pressure gauges offer high, full-scale accuracy, eliminating parallax errors often produced by analogue gauges. These gauges also allow for multiple types of readings, including psi, bar or MPa. We have available 5000 psi digital high-pressure nitrogen gauges, 300 psi low-pressure nitrogen gauges, 300 psi nitrogen tyre service gauges with inflator, 3000 high pressure nitrogen service gauge assemblies and more.

Additionally, we supply analogue gauges which come complete with calibration certificates, including 5000 psi nitrogen gauges, 3000 psi nitrogen gauges and 300 psi nitrogen gauges. Please contact Aviation Spares & Repairs for more information on these products.