Fuel Service Equipment

Our fuel service equipment range is inclusive of all the necessary gear to perform aircraft fuel and refuelling services, including aircraft fuel stands, aircraft fuel carts, aircraft fuel pumps and aircraft fuelling protection. In case of fuel spillage, we also have available fluid spill kits.

Safely fuel aircraft with our selection of fuel stands. These can be used with a variety of aircraft, including narrow-body aircraft and wide-body aircraft. Within this range, we have available dual-level fuel stands, such as 5070 aircraft fuelling stands and 92112 aircraft fuelling stands, as well as narrow and wide body adjustable fuelling stands and narrow body adjustable fuelling stands.

Aircraft fuel carts are ideal to supply fuel to an aircraft. These come equipped with fuel meters, fire extinguishers, containment tanks, static grounding reel and rotary hand pumps. Amongst this range, we have available Park-Kan 300 gallon fuel service carts, Park-Kan 600 gallon fuel carts and Park-Kan 550 fuel service carts.

To reduce fuelling and de-fuelling time, we supply fuel pumps, including portable 24/28V fuel pumps. These are ideal for applications that require quick fuel servicing by being capable of pumping 100 litres of fuel per minute. These portable pumps can be used on all types of aircraft or vehicles using jet A1 or diesel.