Fuel Stands

Our aircraft fuel stands are designed to provide safe refuelling of various aircraft, from narrow-body aircraft to wide-body aircraft.

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The 5070 aircraft fuelling stand is perfect for both regional and narrow-body aircraft and it can be equipped with a single fuel lift and a secondary fuel lift if required. The 92112 aircraft fuelling stand also features a dual-level platform. Both these units’ dual-platform design features a fold-down upper platform that can be deployed to increase the working height and in turn, can easily be put away when not in use.

Additionally, we have available narrow and wide body adjustable fuelling stands for both narrow-body aircraft and wide-body aircraft refuelling. These stands are perfect to service the Airbus A340, the Boeing 737 and the Boeing 747, amongst other aircraft. These units feature a hydraulic lift which can easily raise and lower the stand in order to efficiently move it under the aircraft fuselage and wings.

Specifically designed for narrow-body aircraft, we supply narrow body adjustable fuelling stands. These stands can also be easily moved under the aircraft wings and fuselage by having a highly efficient and easy-to-use gas shock lift assist mechanism.