Self-propelled Stairways

Easy to control and manoeuvre, our self-propelled passenger stairways are perfect to meet your airport requirements. Our passenger stairs are designed to service various aircraft, from small regional aircraft to large commercial aircraft.

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We supply a range of Freeway passenger stairways, including the Freeway 2438Pe passenger stairs and the Freeway 2458Pe large passenger stairway. The 2438Pe stairway features an electric drive train with the option of fitted solar panels, which allow the unit to self-charge (lowering running costs and downtime on the ramp). The 2459Pe stairway is the largest stairway within this range and is capable of servicing a wider variety of aircraft.
Additionally, we have available a range of Runway stairways, such as the Runway 1842Cd passenger boarding stairs and the Runway 2458Cd passenger stair truck. The latter unit is designed to service large aircraft including the Boeing 737 and Airbus 340, while the 1842Cd stairway is able to serve a wider selection of aircraft, from British Aerospace 146 aircraft to Boeing 757.