Downlock Pins

Safely lock aircraft’s landing gear in place with our selection of aircraft downlock pins. These are used to lock the nose gear in the down position whilst the aircraft is on the ground. This prevents the downlock struct from folding and in turn, prevent landing gear from being unlocked from this position.

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These downlock pins come complete with remove before flight flags to remind operators to detach it from the aircraft pre-flight. We have available single downlock pin assemblies or sets of downlock pins to fit various aircraft. For instance, for the Boeing BBJ and Boeing 737, we supply both Boeing BBJ and Boeing 737 single downlock pins and sets of three Boeing BBJ and Boeing 737 downlock pins.

We also have available downlock pins for other aircraft, including Bombardier Challenger 600, Embraer Legacy 450/550, Bombardier Global Express, Gulfstream G2-G550, Cessna Citation X and EMB-135/145.

In addition to these, we also supply a wide range of other safety equipment for aircraft. This includes bypass aircraft pins, ball lock pins, aircraft chocks and orange cones. For airports, we also supply other airport safety equipment, such as marshalling wands, FOD magnetic sweepers, LED airport lights, reflective equipment and more.