Aircraft Chocks

Wheel chocks are the perfect way to safely chock the tyres of commercial vehicles, from very light jets to heavy-duty double-deck, wide-body aircraft. In addition to setting the brakes, wheel chocks are used for added security. These are placed closely against the wheels of an aircraft to prevent accidental movement.

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Designed specifically for commercial and military use, our wheel chocks have a great grip on all hard-standing surfaces. Additionally, our wheel chocks are chemical-resistant, lubricant-resistant and weather-resistant, as well as reliable and lightweight, making them ideal for everyday use.

Aircraft wheel chocks must be selected to match the size of the vehicle’s tyres. Our wheel chocks come in a selection of standard sizes, including small wheel chocks, medium wheel chocks, large wheel chocks and extra large wheel chocks. They can also be manufactured to any special requirements to fit any vehicle required.