FOD Magnetic Sweepers

Our high-quality foreign object debris (FOD) magnetic sweepers are perfect to clean up hangers and airport runways, as well as ramps and parking lots. These offer an effective way to collect any metal objects and debris to prevent FOD occurrences.

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These FOD magnetic sweepers are capable of collecting metallic bolts, washers, springs, coins, needles, nails, nuts, amongst other metal objects and fragments. These can be used over various surfaces, including grass, gravel and concrete.

We have available towable FOD magnetic sweepers and FOD magnetic sweepers with handles, which are designed to be used manually, such as the multi-surface magnetic sweeper. Amongst our selection of towable units, we supply heavy duty towable magnetic sweepers, towable FOD magnetic sweeper with load-release and towable magnetic sweepers in a variety of lengths.

In addition to this, we have available equipment and parts for these magnetic sweepers, including suspension magnets, suspension magnets with auto-release and magnet rake attachments. Our magnetic sweepers are highly important to reduce maintenance costs by collecting metal objects, which could otherwise damage vehicles, equipment and personnel.