Bypass Pins

Used to bypass the hydraulic steering system on aircraft, bypass pins allow steering to be fully controlled by an aircraft tug tractor. These pins not only save time but also ease aircraft towing actions. All of our bypass pins come complete with a bright red “Remove Before Flight” ribbon, which are used as a safety warning when the aircraft is on the ground. The RMF flag is fitted to the pin with a heavy-duty clip and lanyard.

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We stock various bypass pins and bypass pin kits for a range of aircraft, including bypass pins for Airbus A300, Boeing 737 bypass pins, Gulfstream G2-G550 downlock pins, Challenger 300-350 MLG bypass pins, amongst many others.

In case you are searching for other aircraft pins, we also stock ball lock pins or aircraft quick release pins which enable quick and secure fastening of two aircraft components or ground support equipment parts.