LED Lights

Our LED lights are highly important for the efficiency and safety of ramp operations and aircraft servicing. This type of lighting is necessary to provide identification and direction to air and ground personnel.

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This type of lights come with various benefits, including lasting longer than incandescent and halogen lights and being more tough and reliable. Additionally, LED lights use less electricity, are energy-efficient and can work in extreme temperatures.

We have available a wide selection of LED lights to meet your airport lighting requirements. This includes post-mounted lighting, such as 24 inch post-mounted LED strobe lights, 6 inch post-mounted LED strobe lights and post-mounted LED airport work lights.

Additionally, we also supply more versatile lighting, such as LED beacons, including LED beacons with magnetic bases, bolt-on LED beacons and battery-powered magnetic LED beacons. In addition to our LED lights, we also have available other lighting equipment, including airfield delineators, marshalling wands and reflective airport equipment.