Airfield Delineators

Airfield delineators are used to control traffic and aid other operations at airports, airfields and heliports. Delineators are also used to highlight taxiway edges, snow markings, define work areas, designated routes, and more. Our delineators are suitable to be used for both night time and daytime operations.

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We have available the blue taxiway delineator which is perfect to define taxiway edges. This product is approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and by the Civil Aviation Publication 168 (CAP168) to be used at airports and airfields worldwide. The blue taxiway delineator is lightweight, field installable and ideal for both commercial and military applications.

Additionally, we supply other runway safety equipment including traffic cones, airport markers, airfield barriers, aircraft wheel chocks and marshalling wands. These are used for traffic control, warning of hazards, highlighting designated routes, among other airport operations.