Cones & Markers

Our safety cones and airport markers are ideal for traffic control, airport operations, marking off restricted areas and warning of hazards.

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We stock a wide range of runway safety equipment, from remove before flight streamers, which are used to ensure that all equipment is removed from the aircraft before flight, to reflective orange cones, which are mainly used as a caution indicator for operators to maintain a safe distance from certain parts of the aircraft. Our range of airport cones includes reflective cones that provide great visibility during the day and night, as well as non-reflective orange cones which are perfect for daytime use.

Additionally, we supply wing tip markers with and without chains. Our wing tip markers with chains are designed to create a barrier around the aircraft, in order to prevent potential injuries to ramp personnel. Our airport safety cones and markers are resistant to all weather conditions and feature a rugged design to ensure stability.