Marshalling Wands

Perfect for emergency signalling, airport operations and traffic control, our marshalling wands come in a variety of designs and colours to meet your requirements. We stock various heavy-duty marshalling wands, including the ultra heavy-duty marshalling wands which are our most durable wands, being shock proof and water resistant.

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LED marshalling wands are also shock proof and weather resistant. This type of aircraft marshalling wands is the industry standard to guide aircraft onto the runway, up to 1 mile away. This product will last up to 400 hours. In case you require daytime marshalling wands, our heavy duty triangular marshalling wands are the ideal safety wands for day time use.

To store up to 2 marshalling wands when they are not in use, we recommend our marshalling wand belt. By using our wand belt, any risk of misplacing your marshalling wands will be avoided.