Bob Tail

Bobtail tow trucks are the leading high-speed, long-distance cargo tugs. Within this range, we supply EB2-5 Bobtail tow tractors, EB2-7 Bobtail tugs, EB2-8 Bobtail tow tractors and EB2-10 Bobtail tow tractors.

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The Bobtail tow tractor range is able to move both ground support equipment and cargo dollies at 40 kph (25 mph). However, each model is ideal to tow up to a certain weight, for instance, the EB2-5 tow tractor has the capacity of towing up to 29,483 kg (65,000 lbs), while the EB2-7 cargo tug is capable of towing up to 34,019 kg (75,000 lbs). The Eagle EB2-8 tow tractor is able to tow cargo weighing up to 36,287 kg (80,000 lbs) and the EB2-10 Bobtail cargo tow tractor is ideal to tow up to 43,091 kg (95,000 lbs) of cargo.

These tow tractors feature a rear hitch sight tunnel for direct hitch visibility for the tug operator and a heavy-duty steel tubular grill guard on the side and front of the tug to ensure the protection of the vehicle. With a fuel tank of more than 132.5L, these tugs have sufficient fuel to be operated for long periods of time.

Besides Bobtail tow tractors, we also have available a variety of other aviation tugs, including electric tow tractors, military tugs, narrow body aircraft tow tractors, regional aircraft tugs, business aircraft tugs, baggage tractors and towbarless tugs.