Baggage Tractors

This selection features multifunctional electric baggage tractors which can be used in production facilities as tugger trains, at airports as airport tugs to transport luggage or in other environments for a variety of material handling tasks.

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To meet any and all towing requirements, we have available three-wheel tractors, such as the LTX 70 / LTX-T 08 tractors and four-wheel tractors, including the R 07 electric tractor and the R 08 baggage tractor.

The LTX 70 / LTX-T 08 tractors feature a towing capacity of up to eight tonnes and a top speed of up to 11mph. These also feature automatic parking brakes to ensure safe starting and easy dismounting, as well as LED daytime driving lights to ensure the vehicles are visible at all times.

If you are looking for tractors with a higher reloading performance, our four-wheel tractors will be ideal. The R 07 is capable of towing loads of up to 25 tonnes, whilst the R 08 transports up to 2 tonnes on its truck bed. Both tractors have a high speed of up to 25 km/h and are extremely compact and manoeuvrable.

Furthermore, we also supply high-quality airport baggage carts and aircraft cargo container trailers. Our baggage carts are perfect to easily transport luggage around the ramp or the airport, whilst our cargo container trailers are essential to transport high weight cargo around the airport.