Regional Aircraft Tugs

Our regional aircraft tugs are designed to move small aircraft that can fly up to 100 passengers on short-haul flights. Our tow tractors are able to perform both towing and pushback operations, including transporting the aircraft in and out of the maintenance hangar.

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From diesel-powered aircraft tugs to electric tow tractors, our range of regional aircraft tow tractors feature various towing capacities. For instance, the Eagle eTT-16 electric tow tractor has a maximum towing capacity of 77,564 kg (171,000 lbs), while the Eagle XM-20 and XM-30 tow tractor has a maximum towing capacity of 97,500 kg (215,000 lbs).

The Eagle eTT-12 electric tow tractor, Eagle TT-12 tow tractor, Eagle TT-10 tow tractor and the Eagle eTT-8 electric tow tractor feature an all-wheel drive system that provides same weight distribution between the front and rear wheels for safe and controlled traction while moving the aircraft. Additionally, we stock the Eagle TT-8 diesel tow tractor and the Eagle TT-8 tow tractor.