Business Aircraft Tugs

Our business aircraft tow tractors can transport many different types of corporate aircraft, from single-pilot aircraft to long-haul turbine aircraft, and military helicopters. These aircraft tugs can be used to move Cessna Citation family aircraft, Learjet aircraft, Boeing CH-47 Chinook, Boeing Business Jets, among other aircraft.

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We supply Eagle TT Series aircraft tugs, including Eagle TT-4, Eagle TT-5, Eagle TT-6, Eagle TT-8 and Eagle eTT-8 Electric Tug. The Eagle TT-8 tugs feature an all-wheel drive (AWD) power train as standard, while this feature is optional on TT-4, TT-5 and TT-5. The AWD power train provides power to all four wheels, thus offering superior traction and performance in all weather conditions.

In normal operating conditions, these aircraft tow tractors have different towing capacities and are be able to move different sized aircraft. For instance, the Eagle TT-4 is able to move small to medium sized aircraft weighing up to 24,948 kg (55,000 lbs), while the Eagle eTT-8 is able to move heavier aircraft, featuring a maximum towing capacity of 45,359 kg (100,000 lbs). For larger aircraft, such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 family, we have available the Eagle XM-20/30 tug.

Additionally, we have available two military aircraft tugs, the Eagle USATS-6 and Eagle USATS-8. These tugs are versatile, compact and durable units, which can be used as load carriers and aircraft tow tractors.